Breaking out? Before you dump your skincare, check your makeup. Many foundations and powders contain solids & fatty ingredients that are comedogenic (clog pores). Comedogenic makeup is an often overlooked culprit of acne.

Try eliminating 1 makeup product at a time to see if your skin clears up afterward. Or apply the makeup with a lighter touch.

Make sure you remove makeup thoroughly at night. A double cleanse with a cleansing oil is the best way.

If you tend to get bad reactions from makeup, be aware that synthetic COLORS and DYES are known irritants for pores. Colors and dyes appear at the very end of an ingredient list, with names like: “FD&C” and “D&C.”

List of Common Comedogenic Ingredients


Comedogenicity isn’t black & white though. Whether an ingredient is comedogenic depends on:

  • HOW MUCH there is
  • HOW LONG it stays on skin
  • WHERE it is applied on skin
  • if there are OTHER comedogenic ingredients in the product
  • and your skin.

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