Need convincing NOT TO PICK your skin?

Guess how thin your skin is?

– The outer layer, called the Stratum Corneum, is thinner than a human hair. It’s about 0.003 inches, or 0.07 millimeters. That’s thinner than a piece of paper.
– The whole epidermis is only about 0.5-1.5 millimeters thick.

Now, how big is your finger? Think of how much force your fingers put on skin if you try to squeeze out a blackhead.

It’s very easy to damage a pore!

– If you break the pore wall, you can easily inflame the skin around it and give yourself a nice pimple.
– Or worse, spread breakouts to the surrounding area.

The point of this boring pic of my finger and hair? DON’T PICK YOUR SKIN! 🙂

Use topical products to clear your pores. Or get ‪extractions‬ done by a professional.